Tips and Advice from the “Going to Grad School Seminar”

After Preschool comes elementary school.  After elementary school there is high school.  After high school comes college.  But what comes after college?  For some people it is entering the workforce in their chosen discipline.  For others, the answer is graduate school.  The RMU Honors Program recently co-sponsored a “Going to Graduate School Seminar.”  At this event, there was a multitude of panelists giving advice on applying to graduate school including admissions staff, career center staff, faculty members, and past and present graduate school students.  It was the perfect opportunity for anyone considering attending graduate school to get information on the graduate application process.

Prior to the seminar, I was unsure on exactly what graduate school entailed, which is exactly why I attended.  It was a very informative event, and I especially liked that the information came from different sources with various points of view.  Who better to learn from than the past and present graduate students, faculty, and admissions staff?  The current graduate students went over several tips based on their experiences.  Such as, it is never too early to start preparing an application.  The career center and admissions staff provided guidelines on what graduate school admission counselors are looking for when reviewing applications.  Overall it was a very worthwhile event and I feel that I now have a better sense of what to expect when applying to schools and how graduate school differs from undergraduate. I left the seminar with a better sense of the steps I can take to improve my chances of being accepted into the graduate school of my choice.

George Dietrich