Growing Beards for a Good Cause

Seven Honors Program students participated in No-Shave November this past month, in which individuals forgo shaving for the month of November to “grow” cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research.  Beginning on October 31st between 10pm and 12am, the students were allowed to shave one last time before November began.  All participants were asked to donate any amount of money that they felt comfortable donating.  All of the proceeds were then donated to Pink Feet, a fundraising competition that is heavily supported by the Honors Student Advisory Council and supports the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.  To celebrate the end of the month and the competition, a party and awards ceremony was held in the Honors Student Center on November 30th.  Awards were presented to Andrew Mason, Sam Ference, Eric Stauffer, Davis Simon, Spencer Wellington, and Will Camilleri for categories such as: Most Manly, Most Stylish, Best Neck Beard, and Overall Best.

Eric Stauffer


New to the Honors Program: Honors Stammtisch

This semester the Honors Program Co-Directors started a new tradition on campus: The Honors Stammtisch! “Stammtisch” is German for “regulars’ table.” It’s basically a table reserved in German bars and restuartants for family, staff, and regulars to gather to socialize. On RMU’s campus, a stammtisch is an informal lunch get together with the UHP Co-Directors. Two were held this semester on September 29 and November 3. They were great successes with many students siting down to chat with the co-directors. Topics at the event ranged from thesis projects and research papers to the upcoming election. It was a great opportunity to take a break from classes and homework to have a causal conversation with Professors Harold and VanDieren as well as other honors students.

Monica Deluca