Tanner’s Play “Remembrance”

A a lover of all things theatre, I was quite pleased when I found out Tanner Sebastian was writing a play for his honors thesis. While I was having nothing against traditional theses, I think it takes a certain energy to craft a successful piece of stage work. And let it be known his play was immensely successful. Not only was I brought to tears, but after leaving I was gripped by philosophical questions. Additionally, this play rendered a theatre’s worth of college students dead silent. To quiet that many twenty-somethings is a true testament to the power of his work. Thank you Tanner for the fantastic work. You did honors proud.

Amber Pramann



Honors FYSP

My experience  in the Honors FYSP class has been something worthwhile. From the informational classes, to the corny ice breaker games, to be thrown into a group with a bunch of strangers, has really prepared me for starting my education at RMU. I entered the first semester knowing a lot of safety information and tips to make the transition a little bit easier. We learned about studying abroad, relationships, the SET transcript, public safety. Having Katie Connell and Rob Dougher mentor us, who have been here and experienced RMU for 3 years already, and getting to talk to other Honors kids really made me feel more comfortable. They gave us great tips, which gave us a head start on starting college. I met some great people before the semester even started and I couldn’t feel any happier or more settled at RMU, ready to enjoy the next 4 years.

Allison Dushak

The Honors FYSP experience this past summer has provided several benefits for me. At the Welcome Luncheon on Move-in day, I had the opportunity to meet other honors students who shared the same drive and determination to succeed. Our FYSP mentors, Katie Connell and Rob Dougher, were incredibly nice to us and very informative. While the FYSP experience consisted of many events, my favorite  part was the dinner and book discussion at Dr. Dell’Omo’s house. Of the two dinners offered, I attended the one which discussed The Smartest Kids in the World, written by Amanda Ripley. I enjoyed analyzing educational systems around the world with my peers. It was an absolute privilege to be invited to such a formal and engaging event. During the entrire course, the faculty and upperclassmen  involved treated us very well; they inspired us to be model students and citizens to both RMU and the community. The Honors FYSP course engaged me before classes even began. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

David Bendig

Group Photo (1)

Pirates Game – September 12, 2014

On Friday September 12th, Honors Students kicked off the semester by attending a Pirates game at PNC Park as the Bucs took on the Chicago Cubs. It was a great way for everyone to catch up after summer break, and also make some new friends. We had great weather, and to top it all off the Pirates beat the Cubs with a score of 7-3. Hopefully, we will be able to attend some more games in the future when the Pirates kick off the 2015 season in the spring.

Kendra Slis

Pirates Game Fall 14