Dinner with the former Prime Minister of Greece-Tiffany Keffalas

 I never thought I would be presented with the opportunity to meet someone as worldly as the former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, but the Honors program offered me that through the Pittsburgh Speaker Series. Although I am a Greek-American, I had no clue as to how important this man truly was until I did my research on what he did while he was in office.  Papandreou comes from three generations of Prime Ministers within his family. I look at him as the Kennedy family of Greece.  During his term in office he was dealt an awful series of problems with finances within the Greek government. Looking at him now, two years since his term; his ideas of how to fix government is what we need in the U.S. and what needed to be done in Greece. When I met the former Prime Minister, his presence was very simple, I was expecting at a fancy cocktail hour horns to sound, or at least an announcement that George Papandreou had arrived. Instead he walked in casually, with a few other business people, came over and started talking with a few professors from Robert Morris, just as if he was a normal person. Listening to him talk at dinner, he was really dedicated in providing what was best for his country, I know there is a big debate over whether or not George Papandreou was a good Prime Minister of Greece, but after meeting him, I would have to believe, he did his job, and worked hard at getting the country of Greece out of debt.