Roundtable with Pine-Richland School Board Director Dr. Benjamin Campbell

Just yesterday, RMU Engineering professor, Dr. Ben Campbell, presented his pathway to being elected as Democratic School Board Director of the Pine-Richland educational system.  He lectured a large group of students on both the stresses and profound fulfillments of running for local office.  Campbell touched on a healthy variety of aspects of campaigning on the local level – from his promotion trials regarding yard signs, as well as the financial and social challenges that came his way.  Media dispersal proved very important to his campaign, he emphasized, and he went even further to advise the students to really take advantage of the social media platforms we have at our disposal when attempting to network and/or promote anything and everything.  This lecture was presented in Hopwood Hall, with very useful visual information shown to compliment Dr. Campbell’s verbal advice.

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– Selene Cerankosky