Lessons from the “Too Cool for School” Event: Infinite Opportunites Available at RMU

All too often, students fall into a habit of simply enrolling in classes, completing their checksheets, and working towards graduation. The recent “Too Cool for School” seminar, hosted by the RMU Honors Program, CITADEL, and the Vet Center, challenged students to step outside of their regular routines and comfort zones to take advantage of the many opportunities presented to them at Robert Morris University.

The event consisted of a panel of accomplished students who have truly taken their education  at RMU a step further, pursuing internships, taking advantage of study abroad opportunities, engaging in networking events, and exploring other proactive paths. Each student on the panel brought a new, unique perspective to the table, all agreeing on one main point; Your education is completely what you make of it. Essentially, you get out of it, what you put into it.

After listening to the panelists’ advice and tips on how to make the most of your collegiate career, a small resource fair was hosted where students were able to access information on study abroad opportunities, career information and other resourceful campus organizations. This miniature resource fair provided an immediate chance to practice and utilize the skills discussed by the panelists. Networking with the RMU faculty and staff at the event inspired me to apply for a summer internship that evening and begin the study abroad application for the University of Limerick for Spring ‘17 the very next day.

I would highly recommend this seminar in the future to any students looking to get the most out of their time at Robert Morris. I challenge every student to seize the infinite opportunities offered by our university. As the panelists, faculty, and staff at the event attested to, you won’t regret it.

-Olivia McCafferty