Russian Ambassador for the U.S. Embassy Lynne Tracy Speaks at RMU

This previous Monday, October ninth, former Deputy Chief of Mission for the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia — Lynne Tracy — visited Rogal Family Chapel to speak to students.  Detailing everything from her early life experiences to her objectives and lessons learned in Russia, Tracy presented her career path with eloquence.  She kept students both engaged and intrigued, establishing a tone within her speech that encouraged everyone to easily approach her with inquiries.  Tracy emphasized thought-provoking concepts as well, making it clear that although the Russian people are not the most well-off economically, within this demographic are many who possess a dangerously unstoppable knack for computers.  She speculated on Russian interference with our most recent election, and how even the consideration of technological breaches occurring can deeply trouble the American government and its people.  Overall, she addressed the concepts many are hesitant to uncover and analyze, and made her talk a well-worthwhile event to attend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– Selene Cerankosky


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