A Mediterranean Lunch with the Rooney Scholar

On Monday, October 5th, 2015, several honors students had the opportunity to have lunch with Dr. Majid Hashemipour, Robert Morris’s current Rooney Scholar. Dr. Hashemipour is a professor at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and is visiting RMU to share his expertise in the field of internationalization within universities. His wife also traveled with him to RMU, and they prepared a delicious traditional Mediterranean meal for lunch that included curry, chicken, chickpeas, rice, and salad.

During the luncheon, we discussed Dr. Hashemipour’s efforts to globalize EMU (Eastern Mediterranean University) through his work and study program, which sets up American students with jobs in foreign countries to allay the costs of traveling abroad. His program at EMU is primarily a summer project in which students teach English at the university in Cyprus in exchange for room and board. Overall, the luncheon was enjoyable, and a great way to get to know RMU’s Rooney Scholar.

Margaret Bordo

Lunch with Rooney Scholar 2  Lunch with Rooney Scholar


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