Enrichment Award: My Experience Taking a Spanish III Class

Receiving the Enrichment Award has allowed me to continue learning the Spanish language. In order to advance my Spanish speaking and writing skills I enrolled in a six-week Spanish III course at the Community College of Allegheny (CCAC). The class has been a great experience and has gone by so quickly. I had not taken a Spanish class in over a year, and this was a great opportunity to refresh my memory from my high school classes. I found that I had already been taught (in high school) most of the subjects that we covered in this CCAC class; however, I feel that I learned so much more this time. Because each class was nearly four hours long, I was able to fully understand the topics, grammar, and syntax that were taught.

The professor for this course is from Puerto Rico and he is great. It was such a nice change to learn Spanish from a native Spanish speaker. Sometimes, it is actually easier to understand what he is saying in Spanish than in English! Since the class was only six weeks long, the work has been intensive. We have a large chapter test each week, and we do homework from our textbook, Spanish movie reviews, group projects, essays, and presentations as well. Because of this, I feel that my entire class has learned quickly and that we have all become good friends.

The most difficult part of the course has been completely immersing myself into learning. This Spanish class had the potential to be whatever each person made of it. There are definitely ways to pass the class by using Google Translate for all assignments or translating each sentence word by word from English when speaking. However, I wanted to truly learn Spanish and speak it well, so I used a Spanish-English dictionary only when necessary and did my best to think in Spanish when listening and speaking. Overall, my Spanish class has been challenging, but fun and well worth it, and I am excited to continue onto the next level.

Aubrey Leasure


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