Creating the Magic in Honors Seminar

The Honor’s Seminar offered this past Spring was WDW: Creating the Magic. What does WDW stand for? Walt Disney World, of course! That’s right a whole college class about Disney World. I had to take it, not because I am a Disney freak (which I learned is a compliment to some folks), but because I could not pass up the opportunity to get college credit talking about a theme park. After all, I was a second semester senior with 2 classes left on his check sheet and some elective slots to fill.

I must admit, I was probably the least enthusiastic about the course when it started, but that gave me the most room to become more enthusiastic. I wanted to change my perspective on the theme parks, and I definitely did. The only time I ever visited the park was as a Freshman in High School, so I wasn’t young enough to appreciate the kid aspects but also not mature enough to appreciate the more adult aspects of the parks. This course changed my perspective on the parks and really got me to appreciate the attention to detail Disney pays to their parks. We also had some great guest speakers who shed some light onto certain topics within the Disney “universe”.

My goal for the course was to change my mind about Disney. I still might like Disney the least out of all of the people that took this course, but I have an understanding and an appreciation for Disney now. I feel like I gained one extra layer of thinking after this class. Now I try to pay a little more attention to small details when I work on projects. I also want to have a story for my projects, so they can be explained to anybody. This little layer of thinking is very valuable to me, and that’s where the magic is created.

Aaron Hartman

Want to see a sample of the awesome projects being done in Honors Seminar? Check out Aaron’s creative WDW seminar project: Building a Hypothetical Spain Pavilion in Epcot

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