Diversity Speaker Series: Chaz Kellem

On Thursday, February 19th, Chaz Kellem, the Manager of Diversity Initiatives with the Pittsburgh Pirates presented as part of the Diversity Speaker Series on campus.  Chaz was born with a rare bone disorder at birth known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which leaves the bones brittle and easy to break. Though Chaz has broken over 40 bones and endured more than 12 operations, he has not allowed this adversity to impact his life, and lives it to the fullest. The presentation was spent encouraging and inspiring students to do the same. Despite the challenges Chaz faces in his everyday life, he still managed to acquire his dream job working with his favorite sports organization, and used this example to demonstrate to the audience that anything is possible. Another point stressed was the importance of leaving one’s comfort zone in order to encounter new experiences. To establish this point, Chaz paired off members of the audience that he felt would be unfamiliar with one another to participate in several activities that saw each group working together to complete various tasks.

Mr. Kellem is an excellent speaker and each of the points he made were moving. It would be hard to imagine that anyone left without a different outlook on their daily lives.


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