She’s Already Busy: A Roundtable on Women in the Workplace

On March 18th, Robert Morris University Honors Program students had the opportunity to hear a presentation by an RMU professor, Dr. Daria Crawley, on her research involving the extra responsibilities of the busy woman in the workplace.  The presentation was entitled, “She’s Already Busy: An Exploratory Study of Women’s Workplace Attitudes as Predictors of Organizational Citizenship.”  Dr. Crawley explained her findings concerning Organizational Citizenship Behaviors, or OCBs, which are instances in which a woman chooses to do work outside of her job description.  Through her research, Dr. Crawley found that there are many factors that influence a woman’s inclination to participate in OCBs, including job or pay satisfaction, job tenure, and marital status.  Dr. Crawley concluded that a company or firm should never discount the busy woman because these women are experienced in handling a steady work-life balance and planning their responsibilities.  Every student and faculty member that attended Dr. Crawley’s presentation was fascinated by her research and was eager to learn more about the background and reasoning behind Organizational Citizenship Behaviors so that they could use this knowledge in their own workplaces or in the outside world.

Jordan Williams

Dr. Crawley Picture


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