Honors Takes Education Off-Campus: Disney World, Washington, D.C., and Ireland

On Tuesday March 17, the RMU Honors Program hosted a panel discussion regarding fabulous opportunities for RMU students beyond their in-classroom education. Speaking on behalf of the internship and study abroad opportunities available to students were four RMU Honors students who had recently undertaken these life-changing endeavors: Hannah Arnold, Leah Fleischel, Asa Bull, and Jaime Morton.

Hannah, participating in the RMU Study Abroad Program, studied for a semester abroad in Limerick, Ireland. She shared her experiences concerning the breathtaking Irish landscape, her adjustment to an international education style, and her excursions across France, Germany, and Italy, among other European countries, in her free time. Leah participated in an internship program through the Washington Center, based in our nation’s capital. As a journalism major, Leah interned with Voice of America where she acquired skills concerning multiple aspects of journalistic techniques as well as multimedia and international broadcasts.

Asa created his own study abroad experience through an independent study abroad program, Worldwide Opportunities for Organic Farmers (WWOOF). In exchange for his labor, Asa received housing, food, and the picturesque setting of the Irish coast to gain valuable farming skills and to express his deep appreciation for nature. Finally, Jaime Morton became a part of “Disney University” through her internship with the Disney College Program.  In addition to her responsibility for “creating happiness” while working at Epcot, Jaime remained a full-time RMU student by utilizing the university’s online courses.

The experiences of RMU Honors students have imparted unforgettable memories and practical knowledge unto their lives as well as their fellow students, allowing all a chance to consider the fantastic opportunities that RMU can provide.

Stanley Marciniak

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