Prospective Students Learn About RMU at Scholar’s Day

The weekend of February 7 was the annual Scholar’s Day prospective student event. This event brings together the top prospective RMU applicants to learn more about being a member of the Honors Program and to submit their competitive Presidential Scholarship projects. As both an Honors student and a Colonial Ambassador, I was invited to be on a panel of students at the event and had a chance to share my college experiences and advice with the high school seniors. During the panel session, audience members were given the chance to ask questions to the panel of 10 current Honors students. Some of the topics of discussion included college level classes, adjusting to college life, and the benefits of being an Honors student. The day concluded with recognition of the students’ achievements so far in their educational careers. Overall, the event provided key information that helped high school seniors learn about the Honors Program at RMU and celebrated the highest performing prospective students.

Megan Waleff

Scholar's Day 2 Scholar's Day 1


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