How LinkedIn Got Me a Job

It all started with a phone call from an unknown number and a man with a funny accent. My first reaction was to hang up on him, but he held my attention when he said he was calling about a potential job offer. After hearing a description of the position I began to wonder how this man found me; I hadn’t submitted an application or resume to this company. I inquired as to how he got my information. His simple response was “LinkedIn.” Still skeptical, I looked up his name and his employer on the internet and it revealed the company did, in fact, exist. The next few days were a series of Skype interviews, first with the COO of the company and then with an HR professional from the company.  A week later I boarded a plane to Chicago to meet with the COO for sushi in the O’Hare airport. Two weeks have passed since my interview. I have finished filling out all of the pre-employment contract papers and am packing my bags to travel to Munich for six weeks where I will be trained on my new employer’s software development platform. Moral of the story: Get a LinkedIn account, keep it as up-to-date as possible, and answer that unknown number. It could turn out to be a man with a funny accent offering you a job opportunity of a lifetime.

Joseph Sadaka

linked in


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