RMU Celebrates National Girls and Women in Sports Day

The Girls & Women in Sport Symposium was hosted on February 4th on campus to celebrate the 29th Annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Many speakers who addressed several important issues facing women in sport today were featured throughout the morning.

The keynote speaker, Dana Voelker, spoke on her personal experiences as a figure skater and hockey player to highlight her identity development as she shifted from one sport to the other. The people around her were not as accepting of her desire to play hockey because it was a more masculine sport. Her perseverance and hard work got her a spot as captain on the first club level woman’s hockey team at Penn State which provided many opportunities to express herself as a leader (both good and bad).

Breakout sessions were held after the keynote. One covered issues of Title IX and how it is still being implemented in schools today and the other addressed LGBT identities in the sport world. The final event of the symposium was an Applied Experiences Panel which allowed the audience a chance to further discuss any relevant issues. The symposium featured local organizations throughout the day that helped promote female participation in sport such as Girls on the Run, RMU Women’s Rugby, and Pittsburgh Passion, to name a few.

Diane Gorog

women in sport pic


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