Lecture and Lunch with Ray Gastil

Honors Students had the opportunity to learn about city planning and the future of Pittsburgh at a presentation by newly-appointed City of Pittsburgh Planning Director, Ray Gastil. Although Gastil has only been here a few months, he already has a vision for the future. He is excited to be in an area that has recovered so well from the collapse of the steel industry, and continues to grow and adapt today. He plans to infuse more art and culture into the changing cityscape, among other things. Gastil served as Director of City Planning in Manhattan and Seattle and taught at various universities throughout his life. He draws on that experience, as well as the models of other great cities around the world to plan the future of Pittsburgh. A small group of students and faculty had the opportunity to have lunch with Gastil after the presentation. They discussed various upcoming projects such as the new PNC building downtown and a possible expansion of public transportation. Gastil also discussed whether students planned on living in the city after graduation, and the retention of highly talented Pittsburgh Area college grads.

Molly Watterson

Ray Gastil Picture


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