Going to Grad School Seminar

On October 27, a “Going to Grad School Seminar” was hosted by the Honors Program and the Career Center in the Sewall Center Dining Room. The focus of the event was to provide an overview of the nature of graduate education to current Robert Morris University undergraduate students. The event consisted of an interactive discussion with a panel of Robert Morris University’s graduate education “experts”, consisting of graduate admissions staff, career center advisors, test preparation staff, as well as University faculty. Driving part of the panel discussion, Honors Program co-directors Dr. VanDieren and Dr. Harold aided in the explanation of the graduate applications process, admissions, and education. The panel discussed the various exams used in graduate admissions, including the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT. The importance of selecting a program to meet a student’s individual needs as well as resume-building, and test preparedness were highlighted as the keys to targeting the best possible graduate program. Students had the opportunity to ask questions concerning the prospects of graduate education. The panel’s invaluable advice provided deep insight into the decision to attend graduate school, and the opportunity enriched the knowledge of all students who attended.

Stanley Marciniak III


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