Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Award- Becca Noal

In the Spring 2014 semester, the Robert Morris University Colonial Theatre presented Amadeus. I started work on it as the stage manager and then took on the role of set designer also. It was a long, difficult process, even though the set looked simple enough. Every show we put up, we have a professor from another college come representing the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. When here, they speak to what they liked, didn’t like, thought was well executed, things like that. One of their jobs is to nominate two actors to participate in the Irene Ryan Scholarship Acting Competition at the festival each year. Another thing they’re allowed to do is give Certificates of Merit for whatever they feel was exceptional and needed to be recognized. It’s usually given for extraordinary achievement in whatever area of the play the respondent feels deserved it. I was lucky enough to be awarded this certificate for my set design. When I found out, I was flabbergasted. I was not expecting it at all. I had heard from many people that the set was beautiful and even the respondent had praised it. But to be awarded this certificate of merit meant the world to me. It meant to me that my hard work and creative thinking, two things that I pride myself on, had really paid off and gave me the confidence to know that I had created a set that was really something.Image


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