RMU Political Panel-Victoria Mikulan

This semester, the Honors Program has the unique opportunity to participate in a campus wide voter registration drive. Volunteers take time to go through an orientation on how the voter registration process works and will be tabling on campus to encourage students to register to vote. To kick off the voter registration drive, local politicians were invited to campus to discuss the importance of voting and getting involved in the political process.

RMU was lucky enough to have a variety of politicians attend the panel, ranging from the local to state level. The panelists were Representative Mark Musito, Representative Adam Ravenstahl, Senator Matt Smith, Chairman Jim Vitale of the Moon Twp. Board of Supervisors, Chairman Jim Burn of the PA Democratic Party, and Chairwoman Nancy Mills of the Allegheny County Democratic Party. The panel was moderated by Dr. Ken LaSota, a professor at RMU and the Mayor of the Borough of Heidelberg.

Students and faculty had the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists, and interesting and lively discussion followed. Topics ranged from knowing the importance of your vote, budget cuts in Pennsylvania, getting involved in politics, the political lifestyle, bipartisan agreements and partnerships, the campaign trial, and more. After the panel discussion, there was opportunity to meet and network with the panelists.

This was a great way to start off the voter registration drive and provided valuable insight and interesting perspective in politics in Pennsylvania. Thank you to the panelists and the attendees. 20140404_113317 20140404_113440 20140404_114009 20140404_114131


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