Pittsburgh Speaker Series with Vicente Fox by George Maldonado

I, along with Professor Harold, President Dell’Omo, and fellow Honors student Victoria Mikulan, attended a Q&A session with the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox through an opportunity presented by the Pittsburgh Speaker Series.  At the beginning of the night we were served dinner and entertained President Fox with questions about foreign relations, international problems, border problems, drug trafficking, struggles with the cartel and the economic standing of Mexico. During dinner he was very inviting and answered all of the questions with ease.  He talked about how Mexico managed to have a balanced budget for the last five years.  He kept mentioning about efforts to make energy reforms and that he wanted to continue to have a positive relationship with the United States.  He talked about drug usage in the U.S. versus drug use in Mexico and Mexico’s inability to deal with the Cartel in an effective way thus far. 

            I was shocked by the details he shared with us and impressed by the status of their governmental budget.  President Fox talked to the group about the strides that America as a continent could make to better the global economy.  I felt that he spoke eloquently about international relations and that our countries could work together and better quite a lot of good could come of it.  Overall I would say the whole experience was great; I got to meet the former President of another country and spend a few minutes to talk to him on a personal level.



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