RMU Pre-Med Club AGH Visit-Lauren Roberts

RMU Pre-Med Club Shadows Allegheny General Doctors and Surgeons


On April 9, 2013 eight Robert Morris University Pre-Med Club students (Lauren Roberts, Hirah Han, Wes Heinle, Anissa Gamble, Ashley Price, Krista Symosko, Sarah Robb, and Emily Hauser) were invited to Allegheny Hospital to partake in a job shadowing day.  The day began with an informal breakfast with Dr. Daniel Benckart (AGH Cardiovascular Surgeon) and Dr. Elliot Goldberg (Associate Dean for Temple Medical School) in which both doctors shared stories and information about medical school and students were encouraged to ask questions.  Next, the group was split up so that there were two students per surgeon.  The pre-med undergraduates were provided with scrubs and accompanied their mentor into surgery.  Some of the surgeries witnessed throughout the day included open heart triple bypass, bi-femoral aorta replacement, lung removal (thoracotomy), kidney transplant, gall bladder removal (cholecystectomy), and brain tumor removal. Some of the students also saw angiography of a stint in a patient’s right carotid artery. Following the surgical rotation, everyone was invited back to eat lunch with the doctors they had just spent the morning shadowing and open dialogue was encouraged. The final event of the day was a question and answer session with 7 fresh-out-of-med-school doctors.  Just a few of the topics covered were how to get into med school, choosing a specialty, taking the MCAT, and life as a med student.  Pre-Med Club outreach officer and RMU honors student, Lauren Roberts, coordinated with Senior VP Debra Caplan, Dr. Daniel Benckart, and Student Affairs manager Jeffery Reed to create this opportunity for RMU students.  The experience at AGH was invaluable and inspiring.  AGH was more than welcoming and enthusiastic towards our students and the RMU Pre-Med Club looks forward to working with them in the fall.


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