RMU Textbook Reserve Program

RMU Textbook Program

Recently, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette ran an article about the RMU textbook program, which debuted last fall. The library began purchasing textbooks commonly used for classes for students to be able to borrow. With the program, the textbooks must stay in the library and can only be used for three hours at a time. However, approximately one in five University students have utilized this program in order to save money.

This program was developed in part by students in Professor Julianne Michalenko’s Honors Business Professional Communication class. Alexandria Cox, Kristen Garofalo, Katherine Haring, Alena Harrold, Kevin Klus, Joe Landon, Victoria Mikulan, Kendal Moses, Alex Olijar, Lauren Roberts, Jeff Siwik, Jen Smith, and Jaclyn Wilson were the Honors students that helped developed the program.

Jeff Siwik stated that, “Its an unbelievable feeling to know that you contributed something so great to your school; something that will hopefully be there for years after you’re gone.  Robert Morris made its mark on me, now I’m happy to have made my mark on it. “

Lauren Roberts was very proud of the work as well, “I am so proud to have taken part in creating a program that directly benefits such a large amount of our student body.  We are so lucky to go to a school where the faculty is so dedicated to improving it’s opportunities for its students that top leaders in the university
invited us into their discussions and listened to our ideas. Being a
part of this project through our Honors Business Communications class
was a great learning experience, a lot of fun, and very rewarding.
It is truly an incredible moment when you know your ideas and concerns
are heard by the leaders of your university.”

This program has already changed how some students are learning, and allows for their education to be a little bit cheaper. It also had an impact on the students who helped develop this program. Overall, the success is definitely apparent!


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