Undergraduate Research Presentation at Harrisburg-Victoria Mikulan

Earlier this week, I had the chance to go to Harrisburg to give a poster presentation about my Honors Undergraduate Research Thesis, which was titled “Allegheny County Volunteer Fire Departments and the Issue of Consolidation.” The conference that I attended was the Undergraduate Research at the State Capitol. It was a poster presentation, and there were undergraduates from universities throughout Pennsylvania. Presenters were recommended to invite legislators to discuss their topic with them. About thirty presenters attended, and the topics ranged from fashion economics, Marcellus shale, to the decline in physical newspapers. Two of the legislators I invited did stop by-Senator Tim Solobay of Canonsburg, who is also a volunteer firefighter and Representative Adam Ravenstahl, who is also a RMU alum. They were very interested in my research and how different entities can work together to solve this problem. I had much traffic at my poster throughout the day with  other legislators, other presenters, and advisers stopping by to ask questions. I was very thankful for the opportunity to share my research, and I hope that others were able to learn a little bit more about the public safety issue in Pennsylvania. Simply, it was an awesome experience.



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