New Honors Poster Created by Ad Club

Recently, the RMU Honors Program displayed a new poster to represent the Honors Program.  To complete this job, Professor Harold reached out to the RMU Ad Club. The Ad Club isn’t exactly a club, as senior Sports Psychology major and Co-Vice President (and starting goalie for the Men’s Ice Hockey team) Eric Levine explains, it’s actually a business. President and Founder Andrew Blazek has spent the last year working diligently to start up with business, and Levine states that it has grown rapidly during that time.  Some time was spent deciding on what type of products the Ad Club would want to provide for their clients, but it was eventually decided that they would produce posters. Their products have produced revenue for their clients.

In the case of the new Honors poster, Levine met with Professor Harold to see what his vision was for the poster so that Levine could generate ideas based off of that. This poster is to be used for recruiting events aimed at both high school senior and current RMU students. Professor Harold provided the tag line, “Education is a journey, take the helm.” That produced the ship idea, which, after meeting with other members of the Ad Club, eventually was the poster’s design. Other designs were discussed as well in collective collaborations and by individual work. Levine states that the unofficial motto of the ad club is, “Simple, but Significant.” The new Honors poster definitely seems to hit the mark, and it is a solid representation of the University’s Honors program.Image


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