The Minutes We’ve Spent with Prof. Minutolo: Topics in Sustainability: Kayla Newman

This semester, the Honors Seminar class was Topics in Sustainability taught by Dr. Marcel Minutolo.  Walking in on the first day of class, a sense of discomfort and uneasiness filled the room.  None of the students knew what to expect from this class or what knowledge would soon begin to fill their heads.  This distress and worry did not last for long with Dr. Minutolo’s engaging conversations, controversial article choices, and enlightening assigned novels.  The metanarratives we tell ourselves regarding the environment, corporate social responsibility, greenwashing, carbon emissions, the growing population, and the dwindling resources were all topics discussed in this class.  Students were able to take some of these ideas and relate them back to their respective discipline of study.  Perhaps more importantly, the students learned to step outside of the comfort zones and think outside of their otherwise constricted majors.  Finishing with a final project that allows for individuality and flexibility, this class was well worth the early start time.  The class would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Minutolo for making this semester’s Honors Seminar enriching and rewarding!        


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