Creepy Conference-Kyrstin Dittenhafer-Swartz

All things creepy converged at the fifth annual Creepy Conference hosted by the English Department and the English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. The conference took place Oct. 23 from 7pm to 9pm in the Sewall Center.

The conference consisted of six presentations, broken down into two sections of three, with a brief intermission between.

The first half of the conference featured presentations on the homosexual undertones of Dracula, the presence of zombies in popular culture, and exorcisms. Two of the three presentations were given by fellow honor students.

The analysis of zombies in popular culture was delivered by Jordan Neusch. He focused on how zombies became a part of popular culture and why they have had a long-standing place in multimedia.

Mella Quirk presented a story about the son of a witch who was possessed by a demon. It was a vivid story describing his life and the exorcisms performed on him by monks. In the end, she revealed that the story was based off of factual events involving the life of a boy who suffered from epilepsy during a time where religion and superstition trumped medical sciences.

Following Quirk’s presentation was a brief intermission during which attendees could enjoy refreshments and take advantage of a bake sale that was being held in conjunction with the conference.

The second half of the conference held presentations on Slenderman, lunacy in Dracula, and Irish scary stories.

The presentation of Irish tales was given by Professor Jim Vincent. His stories, featuring subjects such as banshees, spirits, and death omens, rounded out the conference on a high-note.


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