Trip to Germany: Deryn Martin

This summer, I went on the faculty lead trip to Germany. Because the focus of the trip was renewable energy and sustainability, Dr. Tony Kerzmann was in the man in charge. We spent the first day exploring Hamburg and recovering from the long day of travel. The second day, we hopped on a train to Bremen where we spent most of the remainder of the trip. After arriving, we explored the area around the city hall building, the “Rathaus.” We also walked through Schnoor, the oldest quarter in Bremen. On day three, it was time to get down to business. First thing in the morning, we visited the museum and learned about Germany’s history of colonies and commerce. Over the next few days, we spent a lot of time at the University of Bremen: attending class, talking to professors, and eating at the “Menza” (equivalent of our cafeteria). We caught a train to Bremerhaven for the Tour de Wind and to visit the Klimahaus. We spent the last two days in Hanover where we visited two castles. The trip was a fantastic; we saw so much of Germany in only ten days, and we learned so much.


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