The Freshmen Experience: Sean Gallen

Some say the early bird catches the worm, and in the case of the forty-five freshman honors students at RMU, this statement held true. The privilege of being welcomed into the university a week early gave me numerous advantages among them including knowledge of the campus, development of friendships, and relief of not having to take the eight week FYSP class. The most beneficial part of this week was the structured and busy schedule we followed because it allowed me to become adjusted to our normal college schedule I were about to begin. Activities included kayaking and bike riding in Pittsburgh, information sessions, community service, and icebreaking activities with my fellow honors classmates and my freshman mentors. Out of all of the activities I participated in, I believe the most enriching experience was the book talk at President Dell’Omo’s house. The discussions about my summer readings became deep and thought provoking. In turn, the book talk gave us all an opportunity to speak with him about the university. I appreciated this greatly due to the fact that at most schools that occasion is very rare. The Honors Pre-Session was definitely beneficial to the transition into college life here at RMU.


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