Actuary Internship

Actuary Internship-Michael Smith

Highmark, located in downtown Pittsburgh, granted me the opportunity to work for them this summer as an actuarial intern. I was member of the Large Group Pricing team under RMU alumnus, David Shearer. I was also working with other recent alumni Mike Pacolay and Cory Schemm. The Highmark Internship Program was an excellent combination of work experience and professional training. On one hand, I was receiving full-time projects including trending for the coming renewal cycle and optimizing and universalizing methodologies for calculating other variables. On the other hand, the program included various social events with both interns from other departments and many of the company’s executives. These events included a Pirates game, a professionalism presentation, lunch with the Chief Actuary at the restaurant Habitat, and community service on the South Side for underprivileged children. In addition, I made some valuable friendships that will help me down the road, both as an actuary and as a person. Overall, it was an experience that I feel blessed to have.


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